‘What Are Those Little White Spots?’

Evening of 6th March 2016

“Day 8”

I noticed Charlie had started getting what looked like little milk spots on his head I thought to myself these are very strange so I mentioned this to the doctor on evening ward round who was soon to dismiss them. The following day I noticed more had appeared this time on his legs, these too were dismissed and I was encouraged not to worry. The third day I noticed the ones on his head had started to crust over, I pulled over the Doctor again and this time I had to be firm and say to the doctor I was sure they were getting worse and now forming crusts over the top. At the time I did not give a thought until I looked at the doctor and we both said Chicken Pox. Bloods were taken along with swab samples from a few of the scabs to see if our suspicions were correct. Charlie immediately commenced IV Acyclovir drugs to help him fight what we believed to be chicken pox.

We were now face with the worry that if Charlie had chicken pox could he and his immune system cope with all that his little body was dealing with. we were informed that serious complications such as bacterial infections, pneumonia or meningitis can develop from chicken pox and are hoping that they had commenced the IV Acyclovir in time.

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