The Radford Family Surviving Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Welcome to my first Blog post!

Hi! i'm Claire, Partner to Robert and Mummy to twin boys Harry & Charlie. We live in Nottinghamshire, UK. Myself and Robert have been together for 14 years and met while we were both out drinking in town and drunkenly stumbled into each other (who says romance is dead) The foundations of our relationship were built on drunken nights out, hangovers, Chinese & Indians – not exactly the fairy tale story predicted.

In May 2015 Robert and I embarked on our IVF Journey and were very lucky to fall pregnant with twin boys on out first cycle, and in the January of 2016 Harry & Charlie finally arrived making our family complete. After just 3 short days in hospital we finally got to take our beautiful boys’ home. We were able to enjoy 5 weeks at home together before Charlie developed Necrotizing Enterocolitis which torn our family apart. Charlie endured multiple operations to save his life and had to remain in hospital for 10 months while he recovered and was stable enough to come home.

How it all started...

I started writing a blog back in February 2018, on the second anniversary of Charlie’s illness as a way to capture my thoughts, feelings and emotions with coming to terms Charlie’s long-term disability. My sole purpose for our site & family blog is to raise awareness of the devastating effects of Necrotizing Enterocolitis and how families are affected by this dreadful life-threatening disease. I also aim to share the positives from our life and all of the little details that make up this crazy but amazing journey of ours raising twin boys.

What do I blog about?

The Radford Family Surviving Necrotizing Enterocolitis is a blog documenting our family life in all its glory, the high’s, the low’s and all of the in between. I created an online space to share my experiences, my stories and my life with the two boys, three including Robert. What started as my own little blogging page has quickly turned into a web page that I truly hope one day raises awareness for Necrotizing Enterocolitis, Short Bowel Syndrome, Total Parenteral Nutrition & Gastrostomy Care. I feel so passionate about my site and I hope one day others will do too.

We are a young family, muddling our way through and learning more about life every day and this is why I aim to share those lessons online with you.

We are no Pinterest family and all of what you see will not be glamorised, what it will be is real life, as it is through the good, the bad & the outright ugly!!

Thank you for taking the time to ready my first blog post, please explore our site and if you wish leave us a comment.

Sending love and well wishes to you all x

x Claire x

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