Stop Sepsis Save Lives!

Our Son charlie is twice over a Sepsis survivor, without the fast treatment provided by our NHS he wouldn't be here with us today. Please if you have any concerns at all don't risk it get yourself or the individual of concern checked over.


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Sepsis (also known as blood poisoning) is the immune system’s overreaction to an infection or injury. Normally our immune system fights infection – but sometimes, for reasons we don’t yet understand, it attacks our body’s own organs and tissues. If not treated immediately, sepsis can result in organ failure and death. Yet with early diagnosis, it can be treated with antibiotics.


Sepsis can initially look like flu, gastroenteritis or a chest infection. There is no one sign, and symptoms present differently between adults and children.

25,000 children are affected by sepsis each year in the UK

1/4 of all sepsis survivors suffer permanent, life-changing after effects

5 people are killed by sepsis every hour in the UK

Don't be the one that leaves it too late! More information provided at

Thank you for continuing to follow us on our journey of Surviving Necrotizing Enterocolitis All our love and well wishes x

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