My First Mothers Day

2nd March My First night at the hospital with Charlie on my own as Rob had gone to be with Harry at my mum & Dads, early that morning Robert and my mum called me and told me not to panic however Harry had to be rushed in to hospital at midnight as he had been sick and my mum was extremely worried, he may have something wrong with him too. luckily Harry only had Bronchiolitis however QMC had been informed of Harry’s hospital admission and requested he be transferred over for a contrast scan to rule out NEC.

Kings Mill Hospital would not transfer him over however it was arranged for him to travel via ambulance for the scan and then return to KMH. This made life extremely difficult having my babies in two separate hospitals.

It was even more difficult on my first Mother’s Day as I woke up with Charlie and was scared to death to leave him however was desperately wanting to see Harry to see how he was at KMH with my mum.

I remember arriving at the hospital and bumping in to Robs Mum and Partner and that’s when I broke down… Life was getting to hard I just didn’t know what on earth was happening everything was falling apart.

Both hospitals tried to make it a special Mother’s Day and I remember receiving the hand made cards from the boys and family to try and cheer me up a little.

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