Moving to the ward our Home from Home

23rd March 2016

Day 25

Charlie Spent 3 weeks in PICU and a further week on the HD unit, I stayed with him every night until the day when we knew our boy was over the worse and it was time for him to move to the ward we know as home from home.

We knew the journey a head was going to be along one for Charlies, his Surgical team had already explained to us it would be many months before he would be stable enough to go home. For now, we had to make the ward our home from home. Life was extremely hard as neither of us wanted to leave Charlie however we knew we had to go home to be there for Harry who needed us as much as Charlie did. We settled in to the ward and routines in a new environment before we bought Harry in to see his Twin brother for the first time just short of 4 weeks.

27th March

Boys were reunited after a long 4 weeks apart

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