First Hickman Line Placed

‘Blood Results Back Confirmed Chicken Pox’

9th March 2016

Day 11

9th March is the day Charlie went back to theatre for his first central Line, this day was hard for us as it was the first day we were starting to fully understand what the future will hold for Charlie should he pull through. Each day he was slightly improving however we continued to be told he’s not out of the wood yet. We met with the Gastroenterology team who explained to us it was highly likely Charlie would be requiring long term Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN).

While Charlie was in theatre, we had his blood results back and it was confirmed he has chicken pox!

Charlie had to be moved to a side room and all patents who had been on PICU in the last 11 days had to be informed that the Chickenpox virus had been exposed on the ward and they may be at risk. All staff had to be informed and precautions put in place for those who had worked with Charlie while pregnant.

This was now something else for us to worry about and pray to god that he pulls through and as planned attempt to remove his ventilator in a few days time.

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