Exciting News to be joining the NEC UK Charity as a Parent Volunteer

I’m Incredibly excited to be sharing with you all that last Friday I had the pleasure of speaking with the Founding member and Safeguarding lead for the NEC UK Charity.

For those of you who have been following our journey will know this charity is incredibly close to our hearts since Charlie developed Necrotising Enterocolitis at just 5 weeks old. Charlie’s bowel perforated and he quickly developed Septic Shock and was placed on life support. During this time Charlie underwent 5 operations on his small bowel including the STEP procedure ultimately to save his life.

Charlie is now a cheeky 3 year old living life to the fullest, due to NEC he lives life with ultra-short bowel syndrome, blended diet and is TPN depended.

Over the past three years we are extremely grateful for the support we have received from the NEC UK support group especially throughout our most difficult days.

Unfortunately Most people have never heard of NEC unless their lives or someone they know has been affected by it, NEC is rare in the general population of babies but more common in neonatal units and is diagnosed in 1 in 250 live births. You may be surprised to learn more babies die from NEC than all of childhood Leukaemia.

Whilst NEC itself occurs in babies to varying degrees and of different outcomes. For many of us, our NEC journeys continue long beyond exiting the doors of a neonatal unit.

That Is why I’m pleased to be sharing with you I will be joining the NEC UK team as a parent Volunteer and hope I can support others affected by this devastating disease.

Please consider supporting NEC UK charity by following their page @nec_uk

Thank you much love Claire Radford 💙💚The Radford Family💚💙

#becausetinybowelsmatter #NECUK

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