3rd Surgical Laparotomy Relook

20th May 2016

We knew Charlie had further strictures and were hoping this operation was going to be the last and a fairly quick procedure along with reconnection of his bowel. However unexpectedly for us all even his surgeon was shocked when she came to update us that there had been signs Charlie must have had reoccurring NEC over the past few months and had to have further sections of his small bowel removed due to extensive damage.

In total Charlie had 14 sections of remaining bowel reconnected and stented open with a 6.6 Fr Brovias stent in the hope to prevent it from closing. The aim of the stent was to introduce milk to his bowel. During surgery Charlie was fitted with a Gastrostomy malecot catheter and had his stomach on free drainage, this is where they drain all the stomach content until his losses reduce. They also removed his appendix due to the amount of damaged caused by the reoccurring NEC.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the strictures closed Charlie’s small bowel around the stent and Charlie had to go back for further surgery on the 15th July.

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