2.6 Challenge for NEC UK

UK Charities & General fundraising have been hit very hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of fundraising events have been cancelled and many charities, particularly smaller ones like ours NEC UK, are struggling to maintain services because of this huge reduction in income. Here are my videos and pictures of our fun morning in the sun, 26 laps of my garden complete with my hero's and Toby Bear by my side and i can tell you it definitely wasn't as easy as i thought it would be haha, the garden is on a slope and i am so unfit 😅

Thank you so much for all your generous donations, every little bit helps towards making NEC more known and for us to continue to support research in to this devastating and life changing disease.

It has taken a lot courage to share this video and images with you all of me and my boys completing our 2.6 Challenge for NEC UK. Since taking medication for my anxiety and depression i have put on a lot of weight. This has had a massive affected on my self body image and what other people may think of me.

I have had to use all my strength today and have gone through many emotions weather to share this or not with you all, however i came through and have put it aside and done something for our amazing charity NEC UK which i am a Trustee volunteer.

I am incredibly proud of this charity and all of our volunteers and members you are all amazing and continue to support us even during the Covid-19 crisis.

My link is below if you wish to make a small contribution, from everybody here at NEC UK we appreciate your ongoing support. 💛🧸 Sending Love and Keep Safe 🧸💛 http://www.justgiving.com/claire-s-2-6-challenge1797

Thank you for taking the time to follow us on our journey Surviving Necrotizing Enterocolitis All our love and well wishes 💚💙 The Radford Family 💙💚

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