12th July Gastrostomy Surgery

This is Charlie's Gastrostomy site now 2 weeks post surgery!

Considering how many problems we have had with Charlie's Gastrostomy site over this past year i'm amazed how well it looks, it has never looked this good.

Charlie's Gastrostomy Button

Never in a million years did i ever think it would look this good post surgery!

For the past year we have had nothing but issues with Charlie's site and had to change his dressing at least five times a day due to it leaking pretty much all of his stomach contents! What ever went in came straight out after...

This caused many problems for Charlie as we were unsure just how much was going through Charlie's digestive system or leaking out of the Gastrostomy Stoma site.

Infections were our main concern as charlie was having them monthly due to the site being constantly wet causing his skin to break down.

I would cry with frustration not knowing what to do and how to manage it, i would see so many perfect G-buttons and it would frustrate me even more!

I remember we hit rock bottom when Charlie began to cry in frustrated with how many dressing and clothing changes we had to do a day. He was in so much pain with it that's when i realised it had started to affect our day to day life, i was having to carry multiple clothes and packs of dressing changes around with me and always be conscious of clean public changes rooms so i could get him changed in to dry clothes and redress the site.

During our most recent clinic review that's when i explained my concerns to his team and how it was now affecting us both mentally and thankfully they agreed it was time to tackle this with surgery.

On the 12th July Charlie had a small surgical procedure to insert 4 stitches, his surgeon described it to me as 4 small stitches inserted as North-East-South-West on the inside of his Gastrostomy track to pull it together. As you can see from the images below the first one is how it looked the day prior to surgery and the following two are how well it looks now.

I would definitely recommend speaking with you clinical team to have this procedure done as i'm amazed how much difference it has made, we only change the dressing once or twice now and that is in a morning before getting dressing and in the evening post having a bath. Charlie's like a different boy and is much happier for me to give him his blended diet and medication now he is pain free around the site.

Please If you have any questions drop me a line!

Thank you for taking the time to follow us on our journey Surviving Necrotizing Enterocolitis

All our love and well wishes

💚💙 The Radford Family 💙💚

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