What are the complications of Short Bowel Syndrome?


The complications of short bowel syndrome may include

·         Malnutrition

·         Dehydration

·         Peptic ulcers-sores caused by too much gastric acid

·         kidney stones

·         Bacterial overgrowth


You should closely monitor for signs of dehydration, if you have any signs or symptoms of severe dehydration you should call or see a health care provider right away.

Lookout for any of the following symptoms:

·         Excessive thirst

·         Dark-coloured urine

·         Infrequent urination

·         Feeling lethargic, dizziness, or faintness

·         Dry skin

Infants and children are most likely to become dehydrated. Parents or carers should watch for the following signs and symptoms of dehydration:

·         Dry mouth and tongue

·         Lack of tears when crying

·         No wet diapers for 3 hours or more

·         Sunken soft spot

·         Cranky or drowsy behaviour

·         Sunken eyes or cheeks

·         Fever

If left untreated severe dehydration can cause serious health problems including organ damage, the body going into shock when low blood pressure prevents blood and oxygen from getting to organs. The body may also go in to a sleep like state ‘coma’ were a person is not conscious.

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